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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mfd: mfd-core: Change "Failed to locate of_node" warning to debug
Am Montag, dem 05.07.2021 um 08:31 +0100 schrieb Lee Jones:
> On Mon, 05 Jul 2021, Yunus Bas wrote:
> > Thank you for the clarification. I'm now aware on how to handle
> > MFD's
> > in the devicetree. But given this, the default behavior of MFD's
> > should
> > definitely be documented since i could see many other devicetree
> > examples handling this also not in the proper manner.
> In the 8 years I've been working with DT and MFD, this is the first
> time this particular issue has arisen, but if you'd like to submit
> such a document, it will be considered for inclusion.

This is because on older kernel versions (or at least on the last LTS)
there was no warning in the first place. The warning was added with the
following patch of yours:

Commit 466a62d7642f ("mfd: core: Make a best effort attempt to match
devices with the correct of_nodes")

which was added around last year.

> Really pleased you have this figured out though.

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