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SubjectRe: [PATCH] rtl8xxxu: disable interrupt_in transfer for 8188cu and 8192cu
On 01.07.21 18:33, wrote:
> There will be crazy numbers of interrupts triggered by 8188cu and
> 8192cu module, around 8000~10000 interrupts per second, on the usb
> host controller. Compare with the vendor driver source code, it's
> mapping to the configuration CONFIG_USB_INTERRUPT_IN_PIPE and it is
> disabled by default.
> Since the interrupt transfer is neither used for TX/RX nor H2C
> commands. Disable it to avoid the confusing interrupts for the
> 8188cu and 8192cu module which I only have for verification.

I tested the new code on the GARDENA smart gateway and it works as
expected. Interrupts are greatly reduced while the same level of TX/RX
performance could be measured as before the change: A (too) high
percentage of retransmissions, but otherwise fine.


Kind regards,

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