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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 08/40] PCI: keystone: Cleanup MSI/legacy interrupt configuration and handling
Hi Kishon,

> Now that all PCI keystone functionality has been moved to pci-keystone.c,
> cleanup MSI/legacy interrupt configuration and handling.
> *) Cleanup macros
> *) Remove unnecessary structure variables (required when 2 files are
> used)
> *) Remove ks_dw_pcie_legacy_irq_chip and use dummy_irq_chip
> *) Move request_irq of error irq from ks_add_pcie_port to ks_pcie_probe
> as error_irq is common to both host mode and device mode

While looking at some small clean-ups for Bjorn, I stumbled upon this
series, and it seems a lot of your work here cover what Bjorn wanted to
do, thus I need to ask - do you recall, and I appreciate it's been
a while (three years actually), what happened and/or if you ever had the
time to work on this series?

Would it be possible to resurrect this? Do you need any help?

Thank you in advance!


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