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SubjectRe: Process memory accounting (cgroups) accuracy
On 02/07/2021 11:08, Michal Hocko wrote:
> On Fri 02-07-21 09:50:11, Krzysztof Kozlowski wrote:
> [...]
>> The questions: How accurate are now the cgroup counters?
> The precision depends on the number of CPUs the workload is running on
> as we do a per-cpu charge caching to optimize the accounting. This is
> MEMCG_CHARGE_BATCH (32) pages currently. You can learn more by checking
> try_charge function (mm/memcontrol.c).

This explains the 32 pages, thanks!

>> I understood they should charge only pages allocated by the process, so
>> why mmap(4 kB) causes max_usage_in_bytes=132 kB?
> Please note that kernel allocations (marked by __GFP_ACCOUNT) are
> accounted as well so this is not only about mmaped memory.
>> Why mmap(4 MB) causes max_usage_in_bytes=4 MB + 34 pages?
> The specific number will depend on the executing - e.g. use up all but 3
> pages from CPU0 batch and have 31 pages on another cpu.
>> What is being accounted there (stack guards?)?
>> Or maybe the entire LTP test checking so carefully memcg limits is useless?
> Well, I haven't really checked details of those tests and their
> objective but aiming for an absolute precision is not really something
> that is very useful IMHO. We are very likely to do optimizations like
> the one mentioned above as the runtime tends to be much more important
> than to-the-page precision.
> Hope this clarifies this a bit.

Yes, thanks!

Best regards,

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