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SubjectRe: [LTP] [BUG] btrfs potential failure on 32 core LTP test (fallocate05)
Hi all,

> > >> Reproduction steps:
> > >> git clone
> > >> cd ltp
> > >> ./ && make install -j8
> > >> cd ../ltp-install
> > >> sudo ./runltp -f syscalls -s fallocate05

NOTE: you can also be a bit faster if you test just single test, see
(not compiling and installing whole LTP)

$ cd testcases/kernel/syscalls/fallocate/
$ make -j`nproc`
$ sudo ./fallocate05

> > > This thing keeps trying to test ext2, how do I make it only test btrfs? Thanks,

> > It tests all available file systems, just wait till it gets to btrfs. I
> > don't know how to limit it only to one file system.
> In the future we can add environment variable to specify the only fs to be
> tested. There is LTP_DEV_FS_TYPE, but that does not work when .all_filesystems
> flag is enabled. Thus just patch the file:

NOTE: It detect kernel filesystem support and presence of
Thus other way to limit filesystem is to rename of other filesystems
(in case you test LTP from package and don't want / cannot compile and can
modify root filesystem).

Kind regards,

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