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SubjectRe: [PING][PATCH v2 0/5] Bring the BusLogic host bus adapter driver up to Y2021

> > Where are we with this patch series? I can see it's been archived in
> > patchwork in the new state. With the unexpected serial device fixes
> > which preempted me and which I've just posted, moving them off the
> > table I now have some spare cycles to get back here, but I'm not sure
> > what to do.
> Some of the patches were clashing with my device discovery changes.
> Your series is still in my inbox, have just been swamped with testing
> and integrating several fundamental core modifications the last few
> weeks.
> I'll get to it before the merge window...

Sounds good, thanks! I got distracted again, in particular by this nice
HiFive Unmatched board, but please do let me know if I can assist you with
these changes somehow. E.g. shall I resolve the clashes (which branch?)?
I'm away from my lab for the time being, but I can do all the usual stuff


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