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Subject[PATCH 0/6] spi: stm32: various fixes & cleanup
This series contains fixes & cleanup mainly regarding fifo
and the way end of transfer triggered, when used with or
without DMA.
An additional patch cleans up the pm_runtime calls.

Alain Volmat (5):
spi: stm32: fixes pm_runtime calls in probe/remove
spi: stm32h7: fix full duplex irq handler handling
Revert "spi: stm32: properly handle 0 byte transfer"
spi: stm32h7: don't wait for EOT and flush fifo on disable
spi: stm32: finalize message either on dma callback or EOT

Amelie Delaunay (1):
spi: stm32h7: rework rx fifo read function

drivers/spi/spi-stm32.c | 146 +++++++++++++++++-----------------------
1 file changed, 61 insertions(+), 85 deletions(-)


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