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SubjectRe: 2.6.0-test3-mm1 and rootflags
On 6/29/21 10:20 AM, Greg Depoire--Ferrer wrote:
> Hello.
> I configure my kernel to boot without an initrd, with "rw root=PARTUUID=...
> rootflags=...". I would like the kernel to mount my root partition with
> MS_NOATIME but it is currently not possible without using an initrd that
> remounts the root partition with the new flags, as was described in this
> thread.
> Because the kernel already supports setting filesystem dependent flags, I think
> it would make sense for it to also support setting filesystem independent flags.
> Also, there is the issue of flags that can't be reset later by initrd (see the
> previous messages).
> In reply to this message, there is a patch that implements what was suggested,
> adding a 'rootopts=' parameter that takes a bitmap value for the mount flags.
> It's my first time using a mailing list. I'm not sure if you're supposed to
> reply to very old messages like this one or create a new thread instead. Sorry
> if I did something wrong.


It would be better to start a new email thread and include a link to
the previous discussion. E.g.:

Reference: or Link:

and also Cc: any interested parties.


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