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From email accounts for kernel developers
Hello, all:

A few weeks ago we announced that we'll be providing accounts for
kernel developers that need access to a mailbox that is well suited for
patch-based email workflows. During the beta stage, this service was only
available to people listed in MAINTAINERS (which was intentionally very
narrow, to make sure that we test the service before making it more widely
available), but we are now ready to extend it to a wider audience.

You are invited to apply if you fit the following criteria:

- you're a developer with an established history of contributions to the kernel
- your current mail situation is not well-suited for sending/reviewing patches

This is not intended to be a vanity address, so please do not apply if you do
not actually need it. mailboxes come with daily send/receive
limitations (read the doc linked below), so if you are able to use a free
service like gmail, then I assure you that you don't need a account.

(Also, if you're paid to work on Linux by your employer, check their policy on
which email address you are allowed to use for DCO purposes before you apply.)

For the rest of the details and for information on how to apply, please see
the following document:

Best regards,

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