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SubjectRe: [PATCH 3/9] sections: Move and rename core_kernel_data() to is_kernel_data()

On 2021/6/29 9:05, Steven Rostedt wrote:
> On Sat, 26 Jun 2021 15:34:33 +0800
> Kefeng Wang <> wrote:
>> Move core_kernel_data() into sections.h and rename it to
>> is_kernel_data(), also make it return bool value, then
>> update all the callers.
> Removing the "core" part of "core_kernel_data()" is misleading. As
> modules can have kernel data, but this will return false on module data
> (as it should). This is similar to core_kernel_text() which this series
> doesn't seem to touch.

Yes, The series only collect and move the basic part(aka, the 'core'
part, which only

contains the start/end address check of sections) into

the core_kernel_text() contains system_state validation, it's not
inappropriate into sections.h,

so it won't be modified and moved.

> I'd like to keep the "core" in the name which makes it obvious this is
> not about module data, and if someone were to make it about module
> data, it will break ftrace synchronization.

After this series, we have 5 APIs, only use core_kernel_data() is a
little strange,

 * is_kernel_data()       --- come from core_kernel_data() in kernel.h
 * is_kernel_rodata()    --- already in sections.h
 * is_kernel_text()        --- come from kallsyms.h
 * is_kernel_inittext()   --- come from kernel.h and kallsyms.h
 * is_kernel()                --- come from kallsyms.h

Could we rename is_kernel_data() to is_kernel_core_data(), and add some
comment your mentioned,

or any better naming, thanks.

> -- Steve
> .

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