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SubjectRe: [PATCH V3 0/4] cpufreq: cppc: Add support for frequency invariance
On 6/29/2021 5:06 AM, Ionela Voinescu wrote:
>> Ionela, I found that set ACPI_PROCESSOR=y instead of ACPI_PROCESSOR=m
>> will fix the previous mentioned issues here (any explanations of that?)
>> even though the scaling down is not perfect. Now, we have the following
>> on this idle system:
> I don't see how this would have played a role. The cppc cpufreq driver
> depends on functionality gated by CONFIG_ACPI_CPPC_LIB which in turn
> needs CONFIG_ACPI_PROCESSOR to trigger the parsing of the _CPC objects.
> If CONFIG_ACPI_PROCESSOR functionality is not built in or loaded, the
> cppc cpufreq driver could not be used at all.

Ionela, that is fine. I can live with setting ACPI_PROCESSOR=y to workaround. I
was more of just curious about why manually loading processor.ko would set the
lowest to 2GHz instead of 1GHz.

Anyway, if running below the lowest is not the a concern, then I have concluded
my testing here. Feel free to include:

Tested-by: Qian Cai <>

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