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SubjectRe: [PATCH v8 09/10] vduse: Introduce VDUSE - vDPA Device in Userspace

在 2021/6/29 上午10:26, Yongji Xie 写道:
> On Mon, Jun 28, 2021 at 12:40 PM Jason Wang <> wrote:
>> 在 2021/6/25 下午12:19, Yongji Xie 写道:
>>>> 2b) for set_status(): simply relay the message to userspace, reply is no
>>>> needed. Userspace will use a command to update the status when the
>>>> datapath is stop. The the status could be fetched via get_stats().
>>>> 2b looks more spec complaint.
>>> Looks good to me. And I think we can use the reply of the message to
>>> update the status instead of introducing a new command.
>> Just notice this part in virtio_finalize_features():
>> virtio_add_status(dev, VIRTIO_CONFIG_S_FEATURES_OK);
>> status = dev->config->get_status(dev);
>> if (!(status & VIRTIO_CONFIG_S_FEATURES_OK)) {
>> So we no reply doesn't work for FEATURES_OK.
>> So my understanding is:
>> 1) We must not use noreply for set_status()
>> 2) We can use noreply for get_status(), but it requires a new ioctl to
>> update the status.
>> So it looks to me we need synchronize for both get_status() and
>> set_status().
> We should not send messages to userspace in the FEATURES_OK case. So
> the synchronization is not necessary.

As discussed previously, there could be a device that mandates some
features (VIRTIO_F_RING_PACKED). So it can choose to not accept
FEATURES_OK is packed virtqueue is not negotiated.

In this case we need to relay the message to userspace.


> Thanks,
> Yongji

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