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SubjectRe: gpiochip_lock_as_irq on pins without FLAG_REQUESTED: bug or feature ?
On Mon, Jun 28, 2021 at 10:42 PM Andy Shevchenko
<> wrote:
> And one important note: do NOT use sysfs GPIO interface. Use a GPIO
> character device instead.

I am indeed aware of this. My IRQ issue is unrelated to the gpios
being claimed by anything, and I was doing it while trying to get
more information about the current state of the gpio driver.

For more background, the context of my IRQ issue is:
PMIC (da9063) /irq -> GPIO pin 1 -> PLIC irq 24
The PMIC has several internal interrupt sources, like the power
button being pressed or the ADC conversion completion signal.
The first time after a boot that I press the power button, I do
get an interrupt and the da9063-onkey driver produces a keypress
input event.
But any further button press does not produce an IRQ. So something
is going wrong in the IRQ acknowledgement.
AFAIK the PLIC (platform-level interrupt controller) works: it is
used for PCIe interrupts, and those work.
The PMIC driver exists since 2013, so I assume any bug would have
been identified long ago.
But I believe the GPIO level has not handled any interrupt until I
enabled the power button event source, and this one is a lot more
recent: gpio-sifive.c from late 2019. So this is where I turned my
attention. Discovering that the pin is somehow only half-claimed
made me wonder if there was some important initialisation step
missing, which could maybe be related to these IRQ issues.

While on this topic, there is a bullet point in
Documentation/driver-api/gpio/driver.rst which I fail to understand:

| - Nominally set all handlers to handle_bad_irq() in the setup call and pass
| handle_bad_irq() as flow handler parameter in
gpiochip_irqchip_add() if it is
| expected for GPIO driver that irqchip .set_type() callback will be called
| before using/enabling each GPIO IRQ. Then set the handler to
| handle_level_irq() and/or handle_edge_irq() in the irqchip .set_type()
| callback depending on what your controller supports and what is requested
| by the consumer.

- why the plural in "set all handlers to handle_bad_irq()" ? Isn't
there only a single handler in struct gpio_irq_chip ?
- I do not find a function named gpiochip_irqchip_add(), only
- "Then set the handler to [...] in the irqchip .set_type() callback"
Isn't set_type per-pin, and isn't the interrupt handler chip-level ?

Vincent Pelletier

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