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SubjectRe: [PATCH] tcp: Do not reset the icsk_ca_initialized in tcp_init_transfer.
On 6/29/2021 12:24 AM, Neal Cardwell wrote:

> Thanks.
> Can you also please provide a summary of the event sequence that
> triggers the bug? Based on your Reported-by tag, I guess this is based
> on the syzbot reproducer:
> but perhaps you can give a summary of the event sequence that causes
> the bug? Is it that the call:
> setsockopt$inet_tcp_TCP_CONGESTION(r0, 0x6, 0xd,
> &(0x7f0000000000)='cdg\x00', 0x4)
> initializes the CC and happens before the connection is established,
> and then when the connection is established, the line that sets:
> icsk->icsk_ca_initialized = 0;
> is incorrect, causing the CC to be initialized again without first
> calling the cleanup code that deallocates the CDG-allocated memory?
> thanks,
> neal

Hi Neal,

The gdb stack trace that lead to init_transfer_input() is as bellow, the
current sock state is TCP_SYN_RECV.

#0 tcp_cdg_init (sk=sk@entry=0xffff8880275fa080) at net/ipv4/tcp_cdg.c:380
#1 0xffffffff83a3c129 in tcp_init_congestion_control
(sk=sk@entry=0xffff8880275fa080) at net/ipv4/tcp_cong.c:183
#2 0xffffffff83a21312 in tcp_init_transfer
(sk=sk@entry=0xffff8880275fa080, bpf_op=bpf_op@entry=5,
skb=skb@entry=0xffff888027704400) at net/ipv4/tcp_input.c:5928
#3 0xffffffff83a22a55 in tcp_rcv_state_process
(sk=sk@entry=0xffff8880275fa080, skb=skb@entry=0xffff888027704400) at
#4 0xffffffff83a35f8a in tcp_v4_do_rcv (sk=sk@entry=0xffff8880275fa080,
skb=skb@entry=0xffff888027704400) at net/ipv4/tcp_ipv4.c:1716
#5 0xffffffff83a39300 in tcp_v4_rcv (skb=0xffff888027704400) at
#6 0xffffffff839eaf57 in ip_protocol_deliver_rcu
(net=net@entry=0xffff888022858180, skb=skb@entry=0xffff888027704400,
protocol=<optimized out>) at net/ipv4/ip_input.c:204
#7 0xffffffff839eb266 in ip_local_deliver_finish
(net=0xffff888022858180, sk=<optimized out>, skb=0xffff888027704400) at
#8 0xffffffff839eb34a in NF_HOOK (sk=0x0 <fixed_percpu_data>, pf=2
'\002', hook=1, in=<optimized out>, out=0x0 <fixed_percpu_data>,
okfn=0xffffffff839eb1f0 <ip_local_deliver_finish>,
skb=0xffff888027704400, net=0xffff888022858180) at
#9 NF_HOOK (pf=2 '\002', sk=0x0 <fixed_percpu_data>, out=0x0
<fixed_percpu_data>, okfn=0xffffffff839eb1f0 <ip_local_deliver_finish>,
in=<optimized out>, skb=0xffff888027704400,
net=0xffff888022858180, hook=1) at ./include/linux/netfilter.h:301
#10 ip_local_deliver (skb=0xffff888027704400) at net/ipv4/ip_input.c:252
#11 0xffffffff839ea58e in dst_input (skb=0xffff888027704400) at
#12 ip_rcv_finish (net=net@entry=0xffff888022858180, sk=sk@entry=0x0
<fixed_percpu_data>, skb=skb@entry=0xffff888027704400) at
#13 0xffffffff839eb4fa in NF_HOOK (sk=0x0 <fixed_percpu_data>, pf=2
'\002', hook=0, in=0xffff888022a20000, out=0x0 <fixed_percpu_data>,
okfn=0xffffffff839ea4b0 <ip_rcv_finish>, skb=0xffff888027704400,
net=0xffff888022858180) at ./include/linux/netfilter.h:307
#14 NF_HOOK (pf=2 '\002', sk=0x0 <fixed_percpu_data>, out=0x0
<fixed_percpu_data>, okfn=0xffffffff839ea4b0 <ip_rcv_finish>,
in=0xffff888022a20000, skb=0xffff888027704400, net=0xffff888022858180,
hook=0) at ./include/linux/netfilter.h:301
#15 ip_rcv (skb=0xffff888027704400, dev=0xffff888022a20000,
pt=<optimized out>, orig_dev=<optimized out>) at net/ipv4/ip_input.c:540
#16 0xffffffff83712acf in __netif_receive_skb_one_core (skb=<optimized
out>, skb@entry=0xffff888027704400, pfmemalloc=pfmemalloc@entry=false)
at net/core/dev.c:5482
#17 0xffffffff83712b59 in __netif_receive_skb (skb=0xffff888027704400)
at net/core/dev.c:5596
#18 0xffffffff83712f09 in process_backlog (napi=0xffff88803ec2c8d0,
quota=64) at net/core/dev.c:6460
#19 0xffffffff837159f2 in __napi_poll (n=n@entry=0xffff88803ec2c8d0,
repoll=repoll@entry=0xffffc900007b7e0f) at net/core/dev.c:7015
#20 0xffffffff837161b2 in napi_poll (repoll=0xffffc900007b7e20,
n=0xffff88803ec2c8d0) at net/core/dev.c:7082
#21 net_rx_action (h=<optimized out>) at net/core/dev.c:7169
#22 0xffffffff84600114 in __do_softirq () at kernel/softirq.c:558
#23 0xffffffff81241506 in run_ksoftirqd (cpu=<optimized out>) at
#24 run_ksoftirqd (cpu=<optimized out>) at kernel/softirq.c:912
#25 0xffffffff8127ec83 in smpboot_thread_fn (data=0xffff888008f70240) at
#26 0xffffffff81274475 in kthread (_create=<optimized out>) at
#27 0xffffffff8100230f in ret_from_fork () at arch/x86/entry/entry_64.S:295
#28 0x0000000000000000 in ?? ()

Best Regards.

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