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SubjectRe: LockDown that allows read of /dev/mem ?
On 20.06.21 01:55, David F. wrote:

> I'm finding that LockDown Integrity prevents blocks things like mdadm,
> Xvesa, and a couple of my specialized tools. There should be an
> option to allow /dev/mem read access. Is there? There are no secrets
> to the boot disk booted environment it's all root.

Looks like conflict of goals. lockdown is used in scenarios where one
really doesn't take any chance that code running w/ root privileges can
do such things (there's a lot of security critical information one can
learn from reading the raw memory).

I wonder what your actual use case is.

* why are you using lockdown and also running everything as root ?
* why are you still using the old Xvesa instead of using KMS or
framebuffer device ?
* why does mdadm want to access /dev/mem ?


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