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SubjectRe: PPC476 hangs during tlb flush after calling /init in crash kernel with linux 5.4+
Hi Eddies,

Le 27/04/2021 à 19:03, Eddie James a écrit :
> Hi all,
> I'm having a problem in simulation and hardware where my PPC476
> processor stops executing instructions after callling /init. In my case
> this is a bash script. The code descends to flush the TLB, and
> somewhere in the loop in _tlbil_pid, the PC goes to
> InstructionTLBError47x but does not go any further. This only occurs in
> the crash kernel environment, which is using the same kernel,
> initramfs, and init script as the main kernel, which executed fine. I
> do not see this problem with linux 4.19 or 3.10. I do see it with 5.4
> and 5.10. I see a fair amount of refactoring in the PPC memory
> management area between 4.19 and 5.4. Can anyone point me in a
> direction to debug this further? My stack trace is below as I can run
> gdb in simulation.

Can you bisect to pin point the culprit commit ?

Assuming the problem is in arch/powerpc/ , you should get the result in approx 10 steps:

[root@po15610vm linux-powerpc]# git bisect start -- arch/powerpc/
[root@po15610vm linux-powerpc]# git bisect bad v5.4
[root@po15610vm linux-powerpc]# git bisect good v4.19
Bisecting: 964 revisions left to test after this (roughly 10 steps)


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