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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/1] sched/fair: Fix unfairness caused by missing load decay
On Tue, 27 Apr 2021 at 13:24, Odin Ugedal <> wrote:
> Hi,
> > I wanted to say one v5.12-rcX version to make sure this is still a
> > valid problem on latest version
> Ahh, I see. No problem. :) Thank you so much for taking the time to
> look at this!
> > I confirm that I can see a ratio of 4ms vs 204ms running time with the
> > patch below.
> (I assume you talk about the bash code for reproducing, not the actual
> sched patch.)

yes sorry

> > But when I look more deeply in my trace (I have
> > instrumented the code), it seems that the 2 stress-ng don't belong to
> > the same cgroup but remained in cg-1 and cg-2 which explains such
> > running time difference.
> (mail reply number two to your previous mail might also help surface it)
> Not sure if I have stated it correctly, or if we are talking about the
> same thing. It _is_ the intention that the two procs should not be in the
> same cgroup. In the same way as people create "containers", each proc runs
> in a separate cgroup in the example. The issue is not the balancing
> between the procs
> themselves, but rather cgroups/sched_entities inside the cgroup hierarchy.
> (due to the fact that the vruntime of those sched_entities end up
> being calculated with more load than they are supposed to).
> If you have any thought about the phrasing of the patch itself to make it
> easier to understand, feel free to suggest.
> Given the last cgroup v1 script, I get this:
> - cat /proc/<stress-pid-1>/cgroup | grep cpu
> 11:cpu,cpuacct:/slice/cg-1/sub
> 3:cpuset:/slice
> - cat /proc/<stress-pid-2>/cgroup | grep cpu
> 11:cpu,cpuacct:/slice/cg-2/sub
> 3:cpuset:/slice
> The cgroup hierarchy will then roughly be like this (using cgroup v2 terms,
> becuase I find them easier to reason about):
> slice/
> cg-1/
> cpu.shares: 100
> sub/
> cpu.weight: 1
> cpuset.cpus: 1
> cgroup.procs - stress process 1 here
> cg-2/
> cpu.weight: 100
> sub/
> cpu.weight: 10000
> cpuset.cpus: 1
> cgroup.procs - stress process 2 here
> This should result in 50/50 due to the fact that cg-1 and cg-2 both have a
> weight of 100, and "live" inside the /slice cgroup. The inner weight should not
> matter, since there is only one cgroup at that level.
> > So your script doesn't reproduce the bug you
> > want to highlight. That being said, I can also see a diff between the
> > contrib of the cpu0 in the tg_load. I'm going to look further
> There can definitely be some other issues involved, and I am pretty sure
> you have way more knowledge about the scheduler than me... :) However,
> I am pretty sure that it is in fact showing the issue I am talking about,
> and applying the patch does indeed make it impossible to reproduce it
> on my systems.

Your script is correct. I was wrongly interpreting my trace. I have
been able to reproduce your problem and your analysis is correct. Let
me continue on the patch itself

> Odin

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