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SubjectRe: [PATCH V2 0/4] dt-bindings: soc/arm: Convert pending ti, sci* bindings to json format
Quoting Nishanth Menon (2021-04-26 08:54:53)
> Hi,
> V2 of the series posted in [1] to convert the remaining ti,sci bindings
> to json schema format. V2 is mostly review comments being incorporated -
> details in each of the patches and in applicable patches, I have picked
> up Rob's and Tero's reviewed bys.
> There are also dts fixups that this series exposes, which is good, but
> I chose to hold them back for now pending binding review at least. The
> complete series is available in [2] if folks are curious - to be posted
> once v5.13-rc1 is available for fixes.

Is Rob going to pick this up? If so

Acked-by: Stephen Boyd <>

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