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SubjectRe: Fwd: [RFC] tcp: Delay sending non-probes for RFC4821 mtu probing
On 4/21/21 7:45 PM, Matt Mathis wrote:
> (Resending in plain text mode)
> Surely there is a way to adapt tcp_tso_should_defer(), it is trying to
> solve a similar problem.
> If I were to implement PLPMTUD today, I would more deeply entwine it
> into TCP's support for TSO. e.g. successful deferring segments
> sometimes enables TSO and sometimes enables PLPMTUD.

The mechanisms for delaying sending are difficult to understand, this
RFC just added a brand-new unrelated timer. Intertwining it with
existing mechanisms would indeed be better. On a closer look it seems
that they're not actually based on a timer but other heuristics.

It seems that tcp_sendmsg will "tcp_push_one" once the skb at the head
of the queue reaches tcp_xmit_size_goal and tcp_xmit_size_goal does not
take mtu probing into account. In practice this would mean that
application-limited streams won't perform mtu probing unless a single
write is 5*mss + probe_size (1*mss over size_needed)

I sent a different RFC which tries to modify tcp_xmit_size_goal.

> But there is a deeper question: John Heffner and I invested a huge
> amount of energy in trying to make PLPMTUD work for opportunistic
> Jumbo discovery, only to discover that we had moved the problem down
> to the device driver/nic, were it isn't so readily solvable.
> The driver needs to carve nic buffer memory before it can communicate
> with a switch (to either ask or measure the MTU), and once it has done
> that it needs to either re-carve the memory or run with suboptimal
> carving. Both of these are problematic.
> There is also a problem that many link technologies will
> non-deterministically deliver jumbo frames at greatly increased error
> rates. This issue requires a long conversation on it's own.

I'm looking to improve this for tunnels that don't correctly send ICMP
packet-too-big messages, the hardware is assumed to be fine.


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