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SubjectRe: linux-next: build failure after merge of the modules tree
+++ Stephen Rothwell [09/02/21 21:08 +1100]:
>Hi all,
>After merging the modules tree, today's linux-next build (powerpc
>allyesconfig) failed like this:
>In file included from include/linux/export.h:123,
> from include/linux/linkage.h:7,
> from arch/powerpc/include/asm/unistd.h:18,
> from <stdin>:2:
>./include/generated/autoksyms.h:5:9: warning: missing whitespace after the macro name
> 5 | #define __KSYM_.HT_update_self_and_peer_setting 1
> | ^~~~~~~
>./include/generated/autoksyms.h:6:9: warning: missing whitespace after the macro name
> 6 | #define __KSYM_.RemovePeerTS 1
> | ^~~~~~~
>./include/generated/autoksyms.h:6: warning: "__KSYM_" redefined
> 6 | #define __KSYM_.RemovePeerTS 1
> |
>./include/generated/autoksyms.h:5: note: this is the location of the previous definition
>and on and on :-(
>Caused by commit
> 367948220fce ("module: remove EXPORT_UNUSED_SYMBOL*")
>I have reverted that commit for today.

[ Adding Michael and Masahiro to CC ]

Hi Stephen,

Hmm, these errors don't look like it's related to that particular commit. I was
able to reproduce these weird autoksym errors even without any modules-next
patches applied, and on a clean v5.11-rc7 tree. To reproduce it,
CONFIG_TRIM_UNUSED_KSYMS needs to be enabled. I guess that's why we run into
these errors with allyesconfig. I used a gcc-7 ppc64le cross compiler and got
the same compiler warnings. It seems to not compile on powerpc properly because
it looks like some symbols have an extra dot "." prefix, for example in

168: 0000000000000318 24 NOTYPE GLOBAL DEFAULT 6 kthread_create_worker
169: 0000000000001d90 104 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 1 .kthread_create_worker
170: 0000000000000330 24 NOTYPE GLOBAL DEFAULT 6 kthread_create_worker_on_cpu
171: 0000000000001e00 88 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 1 .kthread_create_worker_on_cpu
172: 0000000000000348 24 NOTYPE GLOBAL DEFAULT 6 kthread_queue_work
173: 0000000000001e60 228 FUNC GLOBAL DEFAULT 1 .kthread_queue_work

So I suppose this dot prefix is specific to powerpc. From the ppc64 elf abi docs:

Symbol names with a dot (.) prefix are reserved for holding entry point
addresses. The value of a symbol named ".FN", if it exists, is the entry point
of the function "FN".

I guess the presence of the extra dot symbols is confusing
scripts/, so we get the dot symbols in autoksyms.h, which the
preprocessor doesn't like. I am wondering how this was never caught until now
and also now curious if this feature was ever functional on powerpc..



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