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SubjectRe: [PATCH v12 6/7] arm64: mte: Save/Restore TFSR_EL1 during suspend

On 2/9/21 2:33 PM, Lorenzo Pieralisi wrote:
>> Do we need a similar fix for TFSRE0_EL1? We get away with this if
>> suspend is only entered on the idle (kernel) thread but I recall we
>> could also enter suspend on behalf of a user process (I may be wrong
>> though).
> Yes, when we suspend the machine to RAM, we execute suspend on behalf
> on a userspace process (but that's only running on 1 cpu, the others
> are hotplugged out).
> IIUC (and that's an if) TFSRE0_EL1 is checked on kernel entry so I don't
> think there is a need to save/restore it (just reset it on suspend
> exit).
> TFSR_EL1, I don't see a point in saving/restoring it (it is a bit
> per-CPU AFAICS) either, IMO we should "check" it on suspend (if it is
> possible in that context) and reset it on resume.
> I don't think though you can "check" with IRQs disabled so I suspect
> that TFSR_EL1 has to be saved/restored (which means that there is a
> black out period where we run kernel code without being able to detect
> faults but there is no solution to that other than delaying saving the
> value to just before calling into PSCI). Likewise on resume from low
> power.

Ok, based on what you are saying it seems that the most viable solution here is
to save and restore TFSR_EL1. I will update my code accordingly.

> Thanks,
> Lorenzo


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