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SubjectRe: [PATCH v3] sched/topology: fix the issue groups don't span domain->span for NUMA diameter > 2
I did a rudimentary benchmark on the same 8-node Sun Fire X4600-M2, on top of todays  5.11.0-rc7-00002-ge0756cfc7d7c.

The test: building clean kernel with make -j64 after make clean and drop_caches.

While running clean kernel / 3 tries):

real 2m38.574s
user 46m18.387s
sys 6m8.724s

real 2m37.647s
user 46m34.171s
sys 6m11.993s

real 2m37.832s
user 46m34.910s
sys 6m12.013s

While running patched kernel:

real 2m40.072s
user 46m22.610s
sys 6m6.658s

for real time, seems to be 1.5s-2s slower out of 160s (noise?) User and system time are slightly less, on the other hand, so seems good to me.

Meelis Roos <>

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