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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] Use devicetree to determine present cpus (v2)
Hi Stafford,

thanks for cleaning up the patch and for your feedback! I will surely
take it into account in the future.


On 08/02/2021 22:08, Stafford Horne wrote:
> Thanks Jan,
> I was able to take these 2 mails and merge them together to a single patch.
> I will send the result for review in a bit.
> Next time please learn some git/linux kernel developer basics. It will
> help make this more smooth inthe future. THe code changes you made were great
> and I hope to see more in the future. :)
> Some tips:
> - Use 'git rebase -i', and the fixup/squash command to merge two or more
> commits. Also, there you should add the summary as you did in your mail
> in the git commit message.
> - Use 'git format-patch -o patch-dir -v2 <batch-base-commit-id>' to create
> your patch.
> - Use './scripts/ patch-dir/<patch-name>.patch' to check your
> patch before you send it. If any issues use 'git rebase' or 'git commit
> --amend' to fix up the checkpatch issues then test and create a new patch.
> - Use './scripts/' with 'git send-email' like this below.
> Some links:
> -
> -
> (explains --cc-cmd, you can also add --no-rolestats to .get_maintainer.conf`
> -
> (explain rebase squash fixup)
> This is usually what I do after testing.
> $ git lo # my custom alias: lo = log --pretty=format:'%C(yellow)%cd %C(green)%h %C(blue)%<(16)%aN%Creset %s %C(auto)%d%Creset' --decorate --date=short -n10
> 2021-02-09 8f722f67452f Jan Henrik Weinstock openrisc: Use devicetree to determine present cpus (HEAD -> or1k-5.12-updates)
> 2021-01-25 2261352157a9 Stafford Horne Merge remote-tracking branch 'openrisc/or1k-5.11-fixes' into or1k-5.12-updates (shorne/or1k-5.12-updates, shorne/for-next, openrisc/for-next, for-next)
> 2021-01-21 3706f9f76a4f Geert Uytterhoeven drivers/soc/litex: Add restart handler
> 2021-01-20 031c7a8cd6fc Geert Uytterhoeven openrisc: io: Add missing __iomem annotation to iounmap() (shorne/or1k-5.11-fixes, openrisc/or1k-5.11-fixes, or1k-5.11-fixes)
> 2021-01-18 803c72c8547c Masahiro Yamada openrisc: add arch/openrisc/Kbuild
> 2021-01-14 4f70d150294b Gabriel Somlo drivers/soc/litex: make 'litex_[set|get]_reg()' methods private
> 2021-01-14 51f109228308 Gabriel Somlo drivers/soc/litex: support 32-bit subregisters, 64-bit CPUs
> 2021-01-14 ffa4ebc48971 Gabriel Somlo drivers/soc/litex: s/LITEX_REG_SIZE/LITEX_SUBREG_ALIGN/g
> 2021-01-14 b5d3061ea2e6 Gabriel Somlo drivers/soc/litex: separate MMIO from subregister offset calculation
> 2021-01-14 9d93a9e8aab3 Gabriel Somlo drivers/soc/litex: move generic accessors to litex.h
> $ git format-patch -v3 -o patches/ 2261352157a9
> patches/v3-0001-openrisc-Use-devicetree-to-determine-present-cpus.patch
> # Below a warning is printed but I think its OK as we can use NR_CPUS in smp.c
> $ ./scripts/ patches/v3-0001-openrisc-Use-devicetree-to-determine-present-cpus.patch
> WARNING: usage of NR_CPUS is often wrong - consider using cpu_possible(), num_possible_cpus(), for_each_possible_cpu(), etc
> #45: FILE: arch/openrisc/kernel/smp.c:73:
> + if (cpu_id < NR_CPUS)
> total: 0 errors, 1 warnings, 45 lines checked
> NOTE: For some of the reported defects, checkpatch may be able to
> mechanically convert to the typical style using --fix or --fix-inplace.
> patches/v3-0001-openrisc-Use-devicetree-to-determine-present-cpus.patch has style problems, please review.
> NOTE: If any of the errors are false positives, please report
> them to the maintainer, see CHECKPATCH in MAINTAINERS.
> $ git send-email --to linux-kernel --cc-cmd ./scripts/ patches/v3-0001-openrisc-Use-devicetree-to-determine-present-cpus.patch
> patches/v3-0001-openrisc-Use-devicetree-to-determine-present-cpus.patch
> -Stafford

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