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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2 0/3] Add quirks to AMD Sensor Fusion Hub driver
On Wed, 27 Jan 2021, wrote:

> From: Richard Neumann <>
> This patch adds quirks to the upstream (v8) version of the
> AMD Sensor Fusion Hub driver.
> The quirks provide a function to detect the sensor mask for systems
> that do not have it stored in the AMD_P2C_MSG3 register.
> The information about the systems IDs and available sensors was
> taken from:
> Changes since v1:
> * Added missing object amd_sfh_quirks.o to amd_sfh-objs
> * changed type of "system" in "amd_sfh_quirks_get_sensor_mask"
> - struct dmi_system_id -> const struct dmi_system_id

Nehal, Sandeep, can you please review this patchset? Thanks.

Jiri Kosina

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