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Subject[PATCH v2 0/3] objtool: Support the stack swizzle

Implement objtool support for the x86_64 stack swizzle pattern.

This means we can use the minial stack swizzle:

mov %rsp, (%[tos])
mov %[tos], %rsp
pop %rsp

from inline asm, with arbitrary stack setup. The ORC data for the Top-of-Stack
will use the SP_INDIRECT CFA base. In order for this to work, SP_INDIRECT needs
to first dereference and then add the offset to find the next frame.

Therefore we need to change SP_INDIRECT (which is currently unused) to mean:
(%rsp) + offset.

Changes since v1 include:

- removed the !callee saved reg restriction by using the vals[] array
over the regs[] array.

- per the above, removed the patches creating the regs[] scratch space.

- more comments.

- rebased to tip/objtool/core

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