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SubjectRe: [PATCH RFC] hugetlb_cgroup: fix unbalanced css_put for shared mappings
On 2021/2/10 2:56, Mike Kravetz wrote:
> On 2/8/21 7:27 PM, Miaohe Lin wrote:
>> On 2021/2/9 3:52, Mike Kravetz wrote:
>>> On 1/23/21 1:31 AM, Miaohe Lin wrote:
>>>> The current implementation of hugetlb_cgroup for shared mappings could have
>>>> different behavior. Consider the following two scenarios:
>>>> 1.Assume initial css reference count of hugetlb_cgroup is 1:
>>>> 1.1 Call hugetlb_reserve_pages with from = 1, to = 2. So css reference
>>>> count is 2 associated with 1 file_region.
>>>> 1.2 Call hugetlb_reserve_pages with from = 2, to = 3. So css reference
>>>> count is 3 associated with 2 file_region.
>>>> 1.3 coalesce_file_region will coalesce these two file_regions into one.
>>>> So css reference count is 3 associated with 1 file_region now.
>>>> 2.Assume initial css reference count of hugetlb_cgroup is 1 again:
>>>> 2.1 Call hugetlb_reserve_pages with from = 1, to = 3. So css reference
>>>> count is 2 associated with 1 file_region.
>>>> Therefore, we might have one file_region while holding one or more css
>>>> reference counts. This inconsistency could lead to unbalanced css_put().
>>>> If we do css_put one by one (i.g. hole punch case), scenario 2 would put
>>>> one more css reference. If we do css_put all together (i.g. truncate case),
>>>> scenario 1 will leak one css reference.
>>> Sorry for the delay in replying. This is tricky code and I needed some quiet
>>> time to study it.
>> That's fine. I was trying to catch more buggy case too.
>>> I agree that the issue described exists. Can you describe what a user would
>>> see in the above imbalance scenarios? What happens if we do one too many
>>> css_put calls? What happens if we leak the reference and do not do the
>>> required number of css_puts?
>> The imbalanced css_get/css_put would result in a non-zero reference when we try to
>> destroy the hugetlb cgroup. The hugetlb cgroup dir is removed __but__ associated
>> resource is not freed. This might result in OOM or can not create a new hugetlb cgroup
>> in a really busy workload finally.
>>> The code changes look correct.
>>> I just wish this code was not so complicated. I think the private mapping
>>> case could be simplified to only take a single css_ref per reserve map.
>> Could you explain this more?
>> It seems one reserve map already takes a single css_ref. And a hugepage outside
>> reservation would take a single css_ref too.
> Let me preface this by saying that my cgroup knowledge is limited.
> For private mappings, all reservations will be associated with the same cgroup.
> This is because, only one process can access the mapping. Since there is only
> one process, we only need to hold one css reference. Individual counters can
> be incremented as needed without increasing the css reference count. We
> take a reference when the reserv map is created and drop the reference when it
> is deleted.

I see. Many thanks for detailed explanation. This could be a to-be-optimized point.

> This does not work for shared mappings as you can have multiple processes in
> multiple cgroups taking reservations on the same file. This is why you need
> per-reservation reference accounting in this case.

Thanks again. :)

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