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SubjectRe: md_raid: mdX_raid6 looping after sync_action "check" to "idle" transition

On 2/8/21 12:38, Donald Buczek wrote:
>> 5. maybe don't hold reconfig_mutex when try to unregister sync_thread,
>> like this.
>>          /* resync has finished, collect result */
>>          mddev_unlock(mddev);
>>          md_unregister_thread(&mddev->sync_thread);
>>          mddev_lock(mddev);
> As above: While we wait for the sync thread to terminate, wouldn't it be
> a problem, if another user space operation takes the mutex?

I don't think other places can be blocked while hold mutex, otherwise
these places can cause potential deadlock. Please try above two lines
change. And perhaps others have better idea.


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