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SubjectRe: TLS for 5.10
On Mon, Feb 08, 2021 at 07:08:05AM +0000, Wadepohl, Wolfram wrote:
> I'm sad to hear that 5.10 has still an EOL of Dec, 2022. We are in
> development of our 1st GNU/Linux based System, 50k devices for IoT.
> In general a 2 year support for embedded systems in automation is not a
> reasonable thing. Nevertheless the CIP project has commited to 5.10 as the
> next SLTS kernel.
> What can we do as a very small development team to support an extended LTS
> period of 5.10.?

The two years are a minimal promise from Greg. Debian is using 5.10 for
upcoming Bullseye, thus even if Greg won't extend (99% chance he will), Ben
Hutchings will continue the support for as long as Debian Bullseye is alive.

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