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SubjectRe: [PATCH 1/4] driver core: Use subdir-ccflags-* to inherit debug flag
On 2021/2/8 18:47, Greg KH wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 08, 2021 at 06:44:52PM +0800, Yicong Yang wrote:
>> Hi Greg,
>> On 2021/2/5 17:53, Greg KH wrote:
>>> On Fri, Feb 05, 2021 at 05:44:12PM +0800, Yicong Yang wrote:
>>>> From: Junhao He <>
>>>> Use subdir-ccflags-* instead of ccflags-* to inherit the debug
>>>> settings from Kconfig when traversing subdirectories.
>>> That says what you do, but not _why_ you are doing it.
>> i'll illustrate the reason and reword the commit.
>>> What does this offer in benefit of the existing way? What is it fixing?
>>> Why do this "churn"?
>> currently we have added ccflags-$(CONFIG_DEBUG_DRIVER) := -DDEBUG in the Makefile
>> of driver/base and driver/base/power, but not in the subdirectory
>> driver/base/firmware_loader. we cannot turn the debug on for subdirectory
>> firmware_loader if we config DEBUG_DRIVER and there is no kconfig option
>> for the it.
> Is that necessary? Does that directory need it?

there are several debug prints in firmware_loader/main.c:

./main.c:207: pr_debug("%s: fw-%s fw_priv=%p\n", __func__, fw_name, fw_priv);
./main.c:245: pr_debug("batched request - sharing the same struct fw_priv and lookup for multiple requests\n");
./main.c:269: pr_debug("%s: fw-%s fw_priv=%p data=%p size=%u\n",
./main.c:594: pr_debug("%s: fw-%s fw_priv=%p data=%p size=%u\n",
./main.c:605: pr_debug("%s: fw_name-%s devm-%p released\n",
./main.c:1175: pr_debug("%s: %s\n", __func__, fw_name);
./main.c:1181: pr_debug("%s: %s ret=%d\n", __func__, fw_name, ret);
./main.c:1214: pr_debug("%s: %s\n", __func__, fw_name);
./main.c:1272: pr_debug("%s: fw: %s\n", __func__, name);
./main.c:1389: pr_debug("%s\n", __func__);
./main.c:1415: pr_debug("%s\n", __func__);

> thanks,
> greg k-h
> .

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