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SubjectRe: Linux 4.9.256
* Greg Kroah-Hartman:

> I'm announcing the release of the 4.9.256 kernel.
> This, and the 4.4.256 release are a little bit "different" than normal.
> This contains only 1 patch, just the version bump from .255 to .256 which ends
> up causing the userspace-visable LINUX_VERSION_CODE to behave a bit differently
> than normal due to the "overflow".
> With this release, KERNEL_VERSION(4, 9, 256) is the same as KERNEL_VERSION(4, 10, 0).
> Nothing in the kernel build itself breaks with this change, but given
> that this is a userspace visible change, and some crazy tools (like
> glibc and gcc) have logic that checks the kernel version for different
> reasons, I wanted to do this release as an "empty" release to ensure
> that everything still works properly.

I'm looking at this from a glibc perspective. glibc took the
KERNEL_VERSION definition and embedded the bit layout into the
/etc/, as part of the file format. Exact impact is still
unclear at this point.

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