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SubjectRe: [PATCH v2] Revert "dmaengine: dw: Enable runtime PM"
On 03-02-21, 20:19, Cezary Rojewski wrote:
> This reverts commit 842067940a3e3fc008a60fee388e000219b32632.
> For some solutions e.g. sound/soc/intel/catpt, DW DMA is part of a
> compound device (in that very example, domains: ADSP, SSP0, SSP1, DMA0
> and DMA1 are part of a single entity) rather than being a standalone
> one. Driver for said device may enlist DMA to transfer data during
> suspend or resume sequences.
> Manipulating RPM explicitly in dw's DMA request and release channel
> functions causes suspend() to also invoke resume() for the exact same
> device. Similar situation occurs for resume() sequence. Effectively
> renders device dysfunctional after first suspend() attempt. Revert the
> change to address the problem.

Reverts also need proper tagging, so pls ensure that is done. I have
added the subsystem and driver tags and applied


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