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SubjectRe: [PATCH] auxdisplay: Remove in_interrupt() usage.
On 2021-02-08 19:38:10 [+0100], Miguel Ojeda wrote:
> Hi Sebastian,

> > Therefore there is no need to use `in_interrupt()' to figure out if it
> > is save to sleep because it always is.
> save -> safe
> Does it hurt to have `in_interrupt()`? Future patches could make it so

> that it is no longer a preemptible context. Should it be moved to e.g.
> a `WARN_ON()` instead?

No. If you know the context, pass it along like this is done for
kmalloc() for instance. The long term plan is not make it available to
divers (i.e. core code only where the context can not be known).

> Thanks for the patch!

I'm going to resend it with your corrections.

> Cheers,
> Miguel


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