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SubjectRe: [PATCH 05/18] tty: serial: samsung_tty: add support for Apple UARTs
On 08/02/2021 19.34, Marc Zyngier wrote:
> On 2021-02-07 09:12, Hector Martin 'marcan' wrote:
>> On 06/02/2021 22.15, Marc Zyngier wrote:
>>> Do you actually need a new port type here? Looking at the driver
>>> itself, it is mainly used to work out the IRQ model. Maybe introducing
>>> a new irq_type field in the port structure would be better than
>>> exposing this to userspace (which should see something that is exactly
>>> the same as a S3C UART).
>> Well... every S3C variant already has its own port type here.
>> #define PORT_S3C2410 55
>> #define PORT_S3C2440 61
>> #define PORT_S3C2400 67
>> #define PORT_S3C2412 73
>> #define PORT_S3C6400 84
>> If we don't introduce a new one, which one should we pretend to be? :)
> Pick one! :D

*queries /dev/urandom* :-)

>> I agree that it might make sense to merge all of these into one,
>> though; I don't know what the original reason for splitting them out
>> is. But now that they're part of the userspace API, this might not be
>> a good idea. Though, unsurprisingly, some googling suggests there are
>> zero users of these defines in userspace.
> I don't think we can do that, but I don't think we should keep adding
> to this unless there is a very good reason. Greg would know, I expect.

Greg, what do you think? Add more PORT_ UART types for Samsung variants,
or overload one of the existing ones and deal with it in the driver?

Hector Martin (
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