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SubjectRe: [PATCH 11/18] arm64: Kconfig: Require FIQ support for ARCH_APPLE
On 08/02/2021 21.05, Marc Zyngier wrote:
>> I was trying to introduce the Kconfig before the code that depends on
>> it; is it kosher to have it in the other order, looking for CONFIG_
>> defines that don't exist yet?
> Absolutely. The only requirement is to make sure that nothing breaks in
> the middle of a series.
>> Though in this case the only user earlier in the series is the Samsung
>> stuff, which doesn't care about FIQs, so I can just sort things as
>> FIQ->ARCH_APPLE->samsung->AIC...
> Seems fine to me. Sorting out the infrastructure first (FIQ, memory
> attributes) first is a requirement anyway, so the ordering of the
> series could reflect that priority.

Cool, that simplifies things.

>> I'm not sure about AIC vs. ARCH_APPLE though. Right now the pattern is
>> that AIC depends on ARCH_APPLE and also defaults to that. But then you
>> can build with ARCH_APPLE and AIC disabled if you so choose, which
>> does result in a broken system on these machines. AIC should build
>> without ARCH_APPLE (as long as we're on ARM64), so we could reverse
>> that.
> As long as ARCH_APPLE selects AIC, you can make AIC selectable on
> its own. What I'm trying to avoid is people ending up with an unbootable
> system, and not having interrupts is one thing that makes it really hard
> to debug...

Sounds good, I'll flip it over.

Hector Martin (
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