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SubjectRe: [PATCH 10/18] arm64: Introduce FIQ support
On 07/02/2021 00.37, Marc Zyngier wrote:
> See my digression in patch 8. I really wonder what the benefit is to
> treat FIQ independently of IRQ, and we might as well generalise
> this. We could always panic on getting a FIQ on platforms that don't
> expect one.
> It'd be good to rope in the other interested parties (Mark for the
> early entry code, James for RAS and SError handling).

CCing Mark and James: TL;DR what do you think about unconditionally
keeping DAIF.I == DAIF.F, would this break other platforms with spurious
FIQs or conversely mask FIQs when we don't want to in some cases? The
FIQ vector would remain a panic except on platforms that require using
it, via an alternatives patch.

>> kernel_ventry 1, sync // Synchronous EL1h
>> kernel_ventry 1, irq // IRQ EL1h
>> - kernel_ventry 1, fiq_invalid // FIQ EL1h
>> + // FIQ EL1h
>> + kernel_ventry 1, fiq_invalid, 64, irq, ARM64_NEEDS_FIQ
> It could be better to create a set of first class FIQ handlers rather
> than this alternative target macro. I quickly hacked this instead,
> which I find more readable.

I think I ended up with the macro change to keep it 1:1 with IRQ, vs a
separate branch... but I didn't think of the fallthrough-with-nop trick,
neat. It is definitely is more readable. Are you OK with me pulling this
patch in for v2, with your name on it?

> - kernel_ventry 0, fiq_invalid_compat, 32 // FIQ 32-bit EL0
> + kernel_ventry 0, fiq, 32 // FIQ 32-bit EL0

fiq_compat here, right?

Hector Martin "marcan" (
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