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SubjectRe: [PATCH] mm: cma: support sysfs
On 2/5/21 1:52 PM, Suren Baghdasaryan wrote:
>>>> I takes your suggestion something like this.
>>>> [alloc_range] could be order or range by interval
>>>> /sys/kernel/mm/cma/cma-A/[alloc_range]/success
>>>> /sys/kernel/mm/cma/cma-A/[alloc_range]/fail
>>>> ..
>>>> ..
>>>> /sys/kernel/mm/cma/cma-Z/[alloc_range]/success
>>>> /sys/kernel/mm/cma/cma-Z/[alloc_range]/fail
> The interface above seems to me the most useful actually, if by
> [alloc_range] you mean the different allocation orders. This would
> cover Minchan's per-CMA failure tracking and would also allow us to
> understand what kind of allocations are failing and therefore if the
> problem is caused by pinning/fragmentation or by over-utilization.

I agree. That seems about right, now that we've established that
cma areas are a must-have.

John Hubbard

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