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Subject((Confirmation Letter from United States of America ..Stay safe ..Aviod COVID 19))
Dear Friend,

Due to a lot of internet Fraud people have nursed fear to do online business that is real because of fear of dealing with the wrong people, I want to tell you that this mail is not one of them, can I trust you also to do this Business? Trust you are doing good? Stay proud !!! Stay safe !!!, take all precaution measures to avoid COVID 19 infection. Please carefully read my mail, and I will give you prove that will show you reality of myself. Am Ivan Todd, 45 years old, from Austin Texas, United States of America I lived in the Military Cantonment in Houston Texas, I completed my training program and physical education course at Fort bliss, command Texas United State of America. It is the largest installation in FORSCOM United State Army forces command and second largest in the Army overall. I am a 2nd lieutenant and Protocol officer. Am well trained in combat and infantry. I had a tough childhood. I lost my parents when I was very little, and am the only son and only child. I never knew my real parents or any relation because my Parents nationalized in the USA. I was adopted by Mr. Eugene Lee Scott, and his wife Rose, both has gone to rest, may their souls rest in peace Amen.

Am on Peace keeping force deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan from Iraq. Can you be trusted? If you are current, you might have heard the world breaking news in Iraq some time ago, about the US ARMY stormed a place and made this discovery which was handed over to the USA heads, till today nobody gave account of it.

You can read more about it here:

I have to attach my Pictures to prove what I am about to tell you, please keep everything secret. Last time we went for inspection in terrorist hid out, we discover bags fill with US DOLLARS and other currency, me and my group returned it back to the base camp, our heads, told us that they will report it to the proper office for investigation and up to date we did not hear anything about the money again, and I feel they must have shared it among themselves.

After the next day I went to take records of other items in the trucks discovered from the terrorist hid out, I noticed there was another bag right inside the Truck tanker side, I said glory be to God, I took the bag, and hid it in a safe place, after some couple of days, I decided to count the money in my room it was huge amount $ 12.6 Million US Dollars, I decided not to take the money to the bass office as I know that the superiors will share it themselves as well. Now my concern is your trust, can I rely on you? If you will assure me, your honesty, sincerity, I will make plans how to move it out from Afghanistan to your address as a Military family valuable, which I will obtain the documents with Tag, accompanied with the United Nation Tag (UN) Tag” to cover it up as Military Non Inspection Family Valuable Tag (M.N.I.F.V.T). With this document and the tags on the box no authority, person or persons will tamper to open the box. The arrival of the consignment box to your address is 100% assured during delivery. When the consignment box gets to your address, you take $ 5 Million US Dollars and keep $7.6 Million US Dollars till I pull out.
Once again please keep this very confidential, and if you are interested and assure me your Sincerity, get back to me on my private email:

I await your immediate response to enable us proceed.


Col.Ivan Todd
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