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SubjectRe: next/master bisection: baseline.login on rk3288-rock2-square
On Thu, Feb 04, 2021 at 11:32:05AM +0000, Guillaume Tucker wrote:
> Yes it does fix the issue:
> with Ard's fix applied to this test branch:
> +clang +Nick
> It's worth mentioning that the issue only happens with kernels
> built with Clang. As you can see there are several other arm
> platforms failing with clang-11 builds but booting fine with
> gcc-8:

My gut feeling is that it isn't Clang specific - it's likely down to
the exact code/data placement, how things end up during decompression,
and exactly what state the cache ends up in.

That certainly was the case with the original regression.

RMK's Patch system:
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