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SubjectRe: [PATCH v5 0/3] Add required-opps support to devfreq passive gov
On 03-02-21, 17:23, Hsin-Yi Wang wrote:
> The devfreq passive governor scales the frequency of a "child" device based
> on the current frequency of a "parent" device (not parent/child in the
> sense of device hierarchy). As of today, the passive governor requires one
> of the following to work correctly:
> 1. The parent and child device have the same number of frequencies
> 2. The child device driver passes a mapping function to translate from
> parent frequency to child frequency.
> When (1) is not true, (2) is the only option right now. But often times,
> all that is required is a simple mapping from parent's frequency to child's
> frequency.
> Since OPPs already support pointing to other "required-opps", add support
> for using that to map from parent device frequency to child device
> frequency. That way, every child device driver doesn't have to implement a
> separate mapping function anytime (1) isn't true.

So you guys aren't interested in dev_pm_opp_set_opp() but just the
translation of the required-OPPs ?

I am fine with most of the stuff and I would like to take it via OPP
tree, hope that would be fine ?


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