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SubjectRe: [PATCH v7 4/7] crypto: add ecc curve and expose them
On Wed, Feb 03, 2021 at 03:03:44PM -0300, Saulo Alessandre wrote:
> In this patch I'm using akcipher allocate like ecdsa(sha1,sha256,...),
> because the ecdsa algo is generic, and using the curve name and ndigits
> inside vli_mmod_fast to discover the curve, but I agree the correct way
> would be allocate ecdsa-nist-p521(sha1,...) and have all params for the
> curve inside strut ecc_curve, remembering that we have anothers curves
> incoming, like Edwards.

I'm not sure whether we really should encode hash into the algorithm
name. This may be something that we can move into setkey instead.

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