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SubjectRE: [PATCH v1 1/1] Firstly, as Andy mentioned, this should be smp_rmb() instead of rmb(). considering that TSYNC is a cross-thread situation, and rmb() is a mandatory barrier which should not be used to control SMP effects, since mandatory barriers imp..
> Let's start with a patch that just replaces rmb() with smp_rmb() and then work
> on optimizing. Can you provide performance numbers that show
> rmb() (and soon smp_rmb()) is causing actual problems here?
Ok, I will send a patch that just replaces rmb() with smp_rmb() and give performance numbers.

> BUG() should never be used[1]. This is a recoverable situation, I think, and
> should be handled as such.

I just follow the default case behind. Let's discuss this issue in next patches.


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