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SubjectRe: [net-next v3 00/14] Add Marvell CN10K support
On Thu, 4 Feb 2021 12:04:54 -0800 Jesse Brandeburg wrote:
> Geetha sowjanya wrote:
> > v2-v3
> > Reposting as a single thread.
> FYI, it didn't work, suggest you try adding the git-send-email option
> (via git-config)
> sendemail.thread=true
> sendemail.chainreplyto=false
> And you can test locally by using first using git send-email to export
> to mbox and checking for References and In-Reply-to headers. Then
> sending for real.

And looks like there are build issues so you'll get a chance to try
again :/

Please make sure you don't add any new warnings to the build, with W=1
C=1 flags. Each patch must build cleanly.

Shooting from the hip something along the lines of:

make allmodconfig
current=$(make W=1 C=1 | wc -l)

git rebase --exec '[ $current -eq $(make W=1 C=1 | wc -l) ]'

Please do not repost until the tree can build cleanly at every commit
of the series.

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