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SubjectRe: Kernel version numbers after 4.9.255 and 4.4.255
On 04. 02. 21, 7:20, Greg Kroah-Hartman wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 04, 2021 at 05:59:42AM +0000, Jari Ruusu wrote:
>> Greg,
>> I hope that your linux kernel release scripts are
>> implemented in a way that understands that PATCHLEVEL= and
>> SUBLEVEL= numbers in top-level linux Makefile are encoded
>> as 8-bit numbers for LINUX_VERSION_CODE and
>> KERNEL_VERSION() macros, and must stay in range 0...255.
>> These 8-bit limits are hardcoded in both kernel source and
>> userspace ABI.
>> After 4.9.255 and 4.4.255, your scripts should be
>> incrementing a number in EXTRAVERSION= in top-level
>> linux Makefile.
> Should already be fixed in linux-next, right?

I assume you mean:
commit 537896fabed11f8d9788886d1aacdb977213c7b3
Author: Sasha Levin <>
Date: Mon Jan 18 14:54:53 2021 -0500

kbuild: give the SUBLEVEL more room in KERNEL_VERSION

That would IMO break userspace as definition of kernel version has
changed. And that one is UAPI/ABI (see
include/generated/uapi/linux/version.h) as Jari writes. For example will
glibc still work:;a=blob;f=sysdeps/unix/sysv/linux/;h=13abda0a51484c5951ffc6d718aa36b72f3a9429;hb=HEAD#l14

? Or gcc 10 (11 will have this differently):;a=blob;f=gcc/config/bpf/bpf.c;hb=ee5c3db6c5b2c3332912fb4c9cfa2864569ebd9a#l165


It might work somewhere, but there are a lot of (X * 65536 + Y * 256 +
Z) assumptions all around the world. So this doesn't look like a good idea.

suse labs

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