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SubjectRe: [PATCH] hugetlb: fix uninitialized subpool pointer
On 2/23/21 2:58 PM, Oscar Salvador wrote:
> On 2021-02-23 23:55, Mike Kravetz wrote:
>> Yes, that is the more common case where the once active hugetlb page
>> will be simply added to the free list via enqueue_huge_page(). This
>> path does not go through prep_new_huge_page.
> Right, I see.
> Thanks

You got me thinking ...
When we dynamically allocate gigantic pages via alloc_contig_pages, we
will not use the buddy allocator. Therefore, the usual 'page prepping'
will not take place. Specifically, I could not find anything in that
path which clears page->private of the head page.
Am I missing that somewhere? If not, then we need to clear that as well
in prep_compound_gigantic_page. Or, just clear it in prep_new_huge_page
to handle any change in assumptions about the buddy allocator.

This is not something introduced with the recent field shuffling, it
looks like something that existed for some time.
Mike Kravetz

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