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SubjectRe: [RFC PATCH 11/12] platform/x86: skeleton for oftree based board device initialization
On 15.02.21 02:18, Frank Rowand wrote:

> The RCAR use of overlays that are built into the driver are a known
> pattern that is explicitly not to be repeated.

Well, that driver indeed looks quite complex - if belive unnecessarily.
But can't judge on these devices, don't have one of them.

In my case, I believe it's a simple and straightforward approach,
instead of writing a whole driver, that just consists of a bunch
of tables and some trivial setup calls. DT seems to be a perfect
choice for that, since it's a very short and precise language for
describing hw layout, w/o any piece of imperative code.

The only point where I'm still not satisfied with: module auto-loading
requires the match data in the kernel module. But i'd like to have
everything in one source file and not having to write individual
modules for invididual boards anymore. Finally, there should be one
dts per board and really minimal effort adding another dts.
(hmm, maybe I should try generating glue code from dt ?)

BTW: I've already rewritten much of it, using overlay instead of an
completely own detached tree (so, some of the prev patches will fall
off the queue).


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