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SubjectRe: [RFC 0/2] cgroup: New misc cgroup controller

On Thu, Feb 18, 2021 at 11:55:47AM -0800, Vipin Sharma <> wrote:
> This patch is creating a new misc cgroup controller for allocation and
> tracking of resources which are not abstract like other cgroup
> controllers.
Please don't refer to this as "allocation" anywhere, that has a specific
meaning (see Resource Distribution Models in

> This controller was initially proposed as encryption_id but after
> the feedbacks, it is now changed to misc cgroup.
Interesting generalization. I wonder what else could fit under this as
well. (It resembles pids controller on the cover.)

> Please provide any feedback for this RFC or if it is good for
> merging then I can send a patch for merging.
A new controller is added exposed with v1 attributes. I'm not convinced
it is desirable to change the frozen v1 controllers' API? (And therefore
promote it as well.)

Beware, bikeshedding. The name is very non-descriptive, potentially
suggesting catch-all semantics. It'd deserve a further thought. My idea
would be limit(s) or counter controller.

My few cents here (and some more in reply to the patch),
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