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SubjectRe: [RFC] scripts: kernel-doc: fix array element capture in pointer-to-func parsing
On 23/2/21 3:03 am, Jonathan Corbet wrote:
> Aditya Srivastava <> writes:
>> Currently, kernel-doc causes an unexpected error when array element (i.e.,
>> "type (*foo[bar])(args)") is present as pointer parameter in
>> pointer-to-function parsing.
>> For e.g., running kernel-doc -none on kernel/gcov/gcc_4_7.c causes this
>> error:
>> "Use of uninitialized value $param in regexp compilation at ...", in
>> combination with:
>> "warning: Function parameter or member '' not described in 'gcov_info'"
> In the future, please quote error messages from the kernel verbatim.
> You can trim irrelevant stuff before or after, but please do not edit
> them in this way. That helps me to understand what you are fixing, and
> is also useful for anybody else who might be searching for a solution to
> the same problem.
>> Here, the parameter parsing does not take into account the presence of
>> array element (i.e. square brackets) in $param.
>> Provide a simple fix by adding square brackets in the regex, responsible
>> --
> ...meanwhile, I have applied this one, thanks.

Thanks Jonathan! Will keep this in mind..


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