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Subject[PATCH v4 0/1] phy: fsl-imx8-mipi-dphy: Hook into runtime pm
This allows us to shut down the mipi power domain on the imx8. The alternative
would be to drop the dphy from the mipi power domain in the SOCs device tree
and only have the DSI host controller visible there but since the PD is mostly
about the PHY that would defeat it's purpose.

This allows to shut off the power domain hen blanking the LCD panel:

pm_genpd_summary before:

domain status slaves
/device runtime status
mipi on
/devices/platform/soc@0/soc@0:bus@30800000/30a00300.dphy unsupported
/devices/platform/soc@0/soc@0:bus@30800000/30a00000.mipi_dsi suspended


mipi off-0
/devices/platform/soc@0/soc@0:bus@30800000/30a00300.dphy suspended
/devices/platform/soc@0/soc@0:bus@30800000/30a00000.mipi_dsi suspended

Changes from v1:
- Tweak commit message slightly

Changes from v2:
- As per review comment by Lucas Stach
Check for pm_runtime_get_sync failure

Changes from v3:
- As per review comment by Liu Ying
- Use phy layers runtime pm
- simplify mixel_dphy_remove

Guido Günther (1):
phy: fsl-imx8-mipi-dphy: Hook into runtime pm

drivers/phy/freescale/phy-fsl-imx8-mipi-dphy.c | 10 ++++++++++
1 file changed, 10 insertions(+)


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