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SubjectRe: [PATCH 0/5] Remove dead references
On Mon, Feb 22, 2021 at 6:47 PM Maciej W. Rozycki <> wrote:
> On Mon, 22 Feb 2021, Lukas Bulwahn wrote:
> > The domain lookup for fails for quite some time now.
> > Hence, webpages, the patchwork instance and Ralf Baechle's email there is
> > not reachable anymore.
> I have been contacted by Ralf a couple of weeks ago and he told me there
> had been a storage failure with the machine running
> Due to a complex situation with I do not want to dive the
> details of into here recovery of the site caused some trouble, however I
> was told it had been under way now. So I suggest that we wait a couple of
> weeks yet and see how it goes before going ahead with this series.
> As to Ralf personal commitments WRT maintenance duties I can't speak, but
> I have bcc-ed him on his alternative e-mail address with this message in
> case he wants to speak up.

Thanks for the update. Maybe we can then rescue some of the valuable
content from and mirror it somewhere else as well?

The code mentioned some patch by referring to a
patchwork id, but without the service running, there is no chance to
understand the comment. So, once is up and running
again, we might want to recover that referred patch and change the
comment to a Link (that may stay with us for longer)
or quickly find out if that comment is obsolete by now.


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