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SubjectRe: [PATCH 00/20] Manual replacement of all strlcpy in favor of strscpy
On 2/22/21 8:12 AM, Romain Perier wrote:
> strlcpy() copy a C-String into a sized buffer, the result is always a
> valid NULL-terminated that fits in the buffer, howerver it has severals
> issues. It reads the source buffer first, which is dangerous if it is non
> NULL-terminated or if the corresponding buffer is unbounded. Its safe
> replacement is strscpy(), as suggested in the deprecated interface [1].
> We plan to make this contribution in two steps:
> - Firsly all cases of strlcpy's return value are manually replaced by the
> corresponding calls of strscpy() with the new handling of the return
> value (as the return code is different in case of error).
> - Then all other cases are automatically replaced by using coccinelle.

Cool. A quick check shows me 1031 strscpy() calls with no return
checks. All or some of these probably need to be reviewed and add
return checks. Is this something that is in the plan to address as
part of this work?

-- Shuah

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